7.3.14. Online distribution: A 50-point bonus can be reported by friends distributing their own F ield Day entry via the web app . Open to all Tuition.

7.3.14. Online distribution: A 50-point bonus can be reported by friends distributing their own F ield Day entry via the web app . Open to all Tuition.

7.3.15. Field Day Youth Involvement: A 20-point added bonus (max of 100) is likely to be acquired by an y lessons One, C, D, elizabeth, or F party for each and every participant ag age 18 or young at the industry Da y process that completes one QSO. For a 1-person Class B place, a 20-point bonus try made when the agent is actually years 18 or more youthful. For a 2-person lessons B facility, a 20-point bonu s is actually made for every single user years 18 or younger (optimal of 40 information.) Keep in mind that lessons B i s merely a-1 or 2 individual operation. This added bonus will not enable the to tal quantity of individuals in C lass B to go beyond 1 or 2.

7.3.16 Social networking: 100 information for providing their Field Day ac tivation to your general public via an energetic, known and used social media marketing plat kind (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). This bonus can be found to real recreational r adio bars and field-day teams that greeting visitors to their process. Individual level ticipants try not to be eligible for this extra. Club web sites don’t be eligible for this added bonus. Availa ble to all the tuition.

7.3.17 Safety O fficer Bonus: A 100-point b onus is likely to be attained insurance firms you helping as A Security Officer people teams installing lessons A stations. This person must validate that protection issues on protection checklist (f ound within the ARRL Fie ld Day package) happen effectively came across. This really is a working incentive a€“ merely designating therefore meone as security Officer doesn’t automatically make this added bonus . A statement v erifying the c ompletion on the protection checklist need to be included in the supp orting paperwork taken to A RRL HQ to be able to state this added bonus.

8. Revealing:

8.1. Entries might be submitted to the ARRL via:

8.1.2. USPS or other shipment solution to (monitoring extremely recom mended): field-day records, 225 principal St, Newington, CT 06111.

8.2. Entries needs to be postmarked or published by Tuesday July 27, 2021. Late en tries can not be accepted.

8.3. A complete field-day online Applet Submission site admission cons ists of:

8.3.1. The state ARRL overview layer which can be done via we b app at.

8.3.2. Supporting records published via web application. Supporting info must feature:

https://datingmentor.org/pl/feabie-recenzja/ a connected directory of station worked by band/mode durin g the Field Day cycle (dupe sheet or an alpha/numeric checklist sorted by group and mode a€“ a Cabrillo wood is generally published in place of a Dupe Shee t /Calls record by band/mode); and Proof of all extra points said (duplicates of tourist l ogs, press releases, NTS emails handled, pictures, etc). Cyberspace application will show a confirmation wide variety and emai l a verification of your own field-day entryway to your mail addr ess registered through the software. Pleas e make sure you register this verification wide variety and/or sa ve the confirmation email.

8.4 Even though the best approach to submitting entries is through the online Applet, entries and/or encouraging records may alternatively end up being posted via e-mail to fieldday@arrl.org . A complete non-web-app mail submitting contains:

8.4.1. A digital content of an ARRL overview sheet entirely and accurately filled out;

8.4.2. a connected variety of stations worked by band/mode through the Field Day years ( dupe sheet or an alpha/numeric checklist kind ed by group and means); and

8.4.3. Proofs of incentive guidelines reported (duplicates of tourist logs, press releases, NTS communications managed, pictures, etcetera).

8.5. An entire land/postal-ma il or shipping non-electronic su bmission features:

8.5.1. A total and acc urate ARRL summary layer;

8.5.2. an associated set of programs worked by band/mode dur ing industry time years (dupe sheet or an alpha/numeric checklist sorted by group and mode); and

8.5.3. Proofs of bonus factors reported (duplicates of guest logs, press announcements, NTS communications taken care of, pictures, etc).

8.6. Full station logs aren’t necessary for submission, and ARRL doesn’t make use of the logs. The club should keep record data files for 1 seasons if they’ve been re quested by ARRL HQ. But a summary of programs worked arranged by musical organization and function (dupe piece) is require d.

8.7. Cabrillo format record records commonly necessary for field-day entries, nevertheless they w ill getting accepted in lieu of the dupe sheets (but don’t represent an admission unless the w eb app (or a matching overview sheet with complete mailed entryway) is submitted.

8.8. Digital pictures of proof of bonus information become acceptable.

8.9. Electric submissions are considered closed whenever submitt ed.

9. Miscellaneous:

9.1. The routine of bulletin tim es for W1AW is roofed in th is actually announcement. While W1AW do not have standard bulletins on weeke nds, industry Day content is going to be sent in accordance with the s chedule included with this announcement. The W1AW bulletins are carried from the reg ular W1AW wavelengths placed in QST . The PSK31 bulletin will be sent regarding W1AW teleprinter freq uencies. The unique field-day bulletin would be sent from place K6KPH throughout the western shore as included in the bulletin timetable.

9.2. Read “General Rules for many ARRL Contests,” “standard regulations for All ARRL competitions on groups Below 30 MHz,” and “standard procedures regarding ARRL Contests on rings Abov age 50 MHz” for extra rules ( www.arrl.org/contest-rules ) which will cover circumstances perhaps not covered on these field-day tip s. Conclusion for the ARRL prizes panel is last in adjudicating Field Day probl ems.

9.3. The whole field-day suggestions package can be acquired by:

9.3.1. Delivering a SASE with 5 devices of shipping to: field-day Inf ormation plan, ARRL, 225 principal St., Newington, CT 06111; or